Radiant Scent of Timeless Beauty


Timeless beauty is a creation. Like a whiff of fragrance that has a combination of very unique elements into one bottle, that syncs perfectly. And yet, the effect of perfume works distinctive for every woman. I love how a scent can do wonders. For the romantic, there are the floral scents. For the refined, there are the wood scents. And with the perfect scent, you age with grace. 

To own that, you'll have to start this ritual fresh. I usually start the nightly routine with the scented body gel. A vibrant floral scent like jasmine is not only feminine, but it also makes an ideal duo when it is combined with the fruity scent of Ylang-Ylang. The pair is fused with the freshness of Orange Blossom and Tuberose for a youthful zest. The scented body lotion is lathered on to hydrate and nurture the skin after prolonged exposure of UV Rays on a daily basis. For an everlasting youthfulness, I will end the routine with an eye contour of anti-ageing serum. It is enriched with three essential vitamins: B3, C and E that reinvigorate the firmness and suppleness of our skin. Penetrating the eye serum for greater absorption, I apply on the under-eye patches (which are my favourite) that will aid in reducing the puffiness and fine lines. 

A daily routine goes a long way; beauty is limitless. 



Gabrielle Chanel Body Gel | USD 55 | SGD 76
Gabrielle Chanel Body Lotion | USD 55 | SGD 76
Le Lift Anti Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitaliser  | USD130 |  SGD 179