Savina Chai


Savina Chai

Millennials are at the heart of the digital age; we are constantly thinking, engaging and interacting through new technology. That is something that powers my work on a daily basis. My job revolves around tech gadgets, from blogging, Instagramming and
managing Eight Slate. We focus heavily into creating good engaging content that speaks to our audience, no matter the platform;
(Facebook, Blog, Instagram etc). With social media accounts that runs 24/7, basically everywhere and anyway, just how do we go
about doing that?


I was introduced the DELL XPS 13 just before my team and I started working on our F/W 2016 collections and boy, was that a life
saviour! Incorporating this lightweight and high performance laptop was a life changer because I could now edit photos in
between meetings, in cabs, at photoshoots and then keep it right into my work bag.

When purchasing and investing in clothes, gadgets and accessories, I always keep it in mind to invest in items that are 'chic
innovations'. Which are smart designs that are innovative, efficiency driven, easy to use with its users in mind. This also means
that its design does not compromise on the value and performance.

What I like about my DELL XPS 13, is the long battery life, I am now able to bring out my laptop and use it for 18 hours without
having to plug in! Goodbye to the days where I had to lug around my 5kg, 8 y-o laptop that goes flat within 30 minutes unplugged.
Another smart innovation about the XPS 13 is the borderless touch screen that makes doing digital manipulating of photographs
so much more fun and easy on the eye. The high resolution display helps to bring my images to life while ensuring that the
images’ vibrancy and clarity are not compromised even during outdoor viewing.

Since I've left school years back, I've been chasing that goal of carving my own career in fashion. The best part about following
your dreams is that the opportunities are endless. In exchange for that, I work really long hours through the day and I never ever
know when my last meeting ends. Relying on a good portable laptop is an emotional investment for me — it is where my dreams
were built, my connections are made, my ideas turn to reality and where I make things happen.

Follow my journey with my DELL XPS 13 and watch this space as I share more about my entrepreneurial journey..