TOP SECRET: Long Lasting Glow for Oily Skin!


There's no other time to get a little crazier when it comes to the holidays. With all the parties and dinner obligations, there’s always a question in mind — "What can I do to keep my makeup lasting all night?" If you have oily or combination skin, we understand your concern of having shiny skin especially when taking photos with flash. Worry no more because this guide’s all you need for picture perfect moments! It’s definitely possible to achieve a healthy glow without having it mistaken for facial oil. Here are some of my tips and tricks! Proven and tested by me.

Firstly, the quality and dedication towards your skincare regime should always be prioritized! With a good base and skin, makeup would also last longer.

Secondly, applying the right primer would help to keep the shine in check. You might have already guessed that a matte primer would be the best choice, however, you should still beware of the type and formula used. For combination skin, I would recommend using a moisturising gel with a matte finish to prevent any clogging of pores. The primer used should also help reduce the appearance of the pores and excess oil. Remember, hydration is always necessary!

Thirdly, a trick I’ve learnt from the industry is to combine your luminizer with your foundation. By using a luminizer underneath your foundation, you will be able to achieve a more realistic and healthy skin look. It helps concentrate the glow in the right places, and keeps you from looking too dewy/shiny.

Sticking to the same principle of oil-check, a matte medium-to-full coverage foundation would help to even out the skin texture while providing a layer of absorption to facial oil. Alternatively, if you like a refreshing natural glow, mix in a small amount of organic emollient balm. Keep in mind that you should always blend the foundation gently with a sponge in a dabbing motion to prevent any patchiness. For an extra shimmer, dust some powder highlighter. Finish the look with a hydrating setting spray to set the makeup. There you have it, healthy glowing skin that lasts for oily skin is totally achievable!

Note: As most combination skin is prone to breakouts and is more sensitive, I strongly recommend using Paraben-free and Cruelty-free products such as the Kora Organics luminizer. Natural products tend to be less harmful and are gentler on our skin.











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