Louis Vuitton Parfum: Le Jour Se Lève


‘Le Jour Se Lève’, which translates to “daybreak”, is one unique and emotional fragrance journey.

Maison Louis Vuitton unveils the eighth chapter, Le Jour Se Lève in a journey that traces emotions. With the past seven collections to be floral-scented, this collection emits an unexpected radiant of optimism. Curated by Louis Vuitton’s Master Perfumer,  Jacques Cavalier Belletrud, the scent emulates the essence of daybreak and sunrise.

I took my bottle with me to Seoul and interpreted in my own way, what morning’s first rays and the freshness of daybreak meant. I've always been a morning person, with my daily schedule starting at 7.30am through 7 days of the week. It might be that a new day represents new beginnings, new challenges and another day for endless possibilities. I love waking up ready to take on life! It could be that I've associated these positive experiences to mornings that the thought of daybreak is always a joyful one. During my travels to colder cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Paris and London, I would wake up at 8am for a jog near my hotel. The cold air hitting my face as I take a moment to appreciate the sights around me; giving thanks.  

Infused with the zest of the Italian Mandarin and Jasmine Sambac, the first whiff of the scent is light yet refreshing. As it fades, the middle notes unveil itself with a fusion of sweet Magnolia, Osmanthus and a hint of blackcurrant. You know a fragrance hits home when it reminds you of a special moment you've had in a different time, at a different place. The Le Jour Se Lève is my travelling capsule in a bottle. 

You know, nature sometimes offers the best inspiration.
— Jacques Cavalier Belletrud
Trenchcoat: Acne Studios, Shirt, Acne Studios, Skirt: Vleeda (here), Shoes: Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneakers