Capture Youth With Dior


Dior Beauty has unveiled Capture Youth, their first age-delay skincare routine that helps to slow down the ageing process. Instead of a 15-step skincare regime, this new customisable skincare range comprises of five complementary serums and one universal crème. All you've got to do is include a few drops of your chosen Capture Youth serum into your moisturizer, sun-screen, foundation etc!

On my trip to Shanghai with the Dior team, I picked the Plump Filler and Glow Booster as part of my beauty regime.


Naturally derived from hyaluronic acid, this Plump Filler skin is a must-have for any girls who want a fuller and supplement skin. Along with these hydrating ingredients, antioxidant iris helps to stimulate cell growth that leaves the skin feeling smooth and plump.

Formulated with Murunga Plum and AHA, Glow Booster is combined with the Plump Filler for a brighter and even skin tone. The combination can also be layered or mixed with Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Crème.

With a high concentration of Florentine Iris extract, the crème significantly boosts our skin’s natural antioxidant defence system.

The results? Acheiving the ultimate #skingoal.

Outfit: Full Dior, Eyewear: Ray-bans Square Frames (here)
Zest is the secret of all beauty.
— Christian Dior