Radiant Scent of Timeless Beauty


Timeless beauty is a creation. Like a whiff of fragrance that has a combination of unique elements balanced well in one bottle. I love how a scent translates stories, recollections, mood and feelings. For the romantic, there are floral scents. For the refined or daring, there are woody and musky scents. When you find the perfect scent, you age with grace. 

To own that in your own way, you'll have to start finding your routine. I start mine with a nightly routine using a scented body gel in the shower. I have been using the full Gabrielle Chanel toiletries range for the full Chanel experience.  A vibrant floral scent like jasmine is not only feminine, but it also makes an ideal duo when it is combined with the fruity scent of Ylang-Ylang. The pair is fused with the freshness of Orange Blossom and Tuberose for a youthful zest. I will always use body lotion to hydrate and nurture the skin on a daily basis. For everlasting youthfulness, I will end the routine with an eye contour. Either an anti-ageing serum or brightening serum. Choose eye serums/creams with three essential vitamins: B3, C and E that reinvigorate the firmness and suppleness of our skin. Penetrating the eye serum for greater absorption, I apply on the under-eye patches (which are my favourite) that will aid in reducing the puffiness and fine lines. You can always opt to tap the eye serums using your ring finger while pretending you're playing the piano. The taps should be light, firm and quick. 

A daily routine goes a long way but it is all worth it!

Gabrielle Chanel Body Gel | USD 55 | SGD 76
Gabrielle Chanel Body Lotion | USD 55 | SGD 76
Le Lift Anti Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitaliser  | USD130 |  SGD 179