The Obsession with Brows

Here's the thing: No one has the perfect set of eyebrows. But that definitely does not stop us from trying to achieve picture perfect brows. We are always mesmerised by the iconic brows of Cara Delevingne, bushy eyebrows of Lily Collins and the thin brows of Olivia Palermo. I remember trying to re-create Cara’s brows multiple times to no avail.

For us, It seems like a game of luck and skill to achieve the ideal set of natural brows. With our hectic lifestyle, drawing our eyebrows every morning does not look like a great option. That is also why micro shaded brows have become a hit among the millennials. During the process of micro shading, individual hairs are drawn into the skin with a needle. Unlike regular tattoos, the shaded eyebrow fades off after a couple of weeks. Yes, it is costly, but the semi-permanent brows are totally worth the price and convenience. For those that prefer a more cost-effective solution or the full control of changing the brow shape, opt for brow products/brands that are buildable and matte (natural looking). Here's my top 3 list on the best eyebrow fillers!

Artboard 1.jpg


The Dior Backstage Brow Palette is the ultimate secret weapon to achieve a perfectly-groomed set of brows. The all-in-one palette has everything you need to fill, shape and define your brows. It even includes a setting wax that sets the brow hairs together. I always like to bring it along when I travel around. It is convenient and compact!


The Glossier boy brow is one of the ‘cool girl’ must-have makeup products. Even though it is the most affordable of the list, its multi-functional capabilities have set it far apart from regular drugstore products. It comes in four shades: Blond, Brown, Black and Clear that gives a tint of colour while grooming the brows in place.

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Using the naginata, the brow sword from Shu Umuera allows you to draw precise and soft lines while shaping your brows. Instead of the usually formulated pencil, the smooth texture allows for easy drawing, and the handy brush tip helps with blending for a perfect brow look. This product is also raved for its natural look and long-lasting brows.