Chanel Beauty Runway to Real Life with Elsa Durrens

Credits to Respective Owners

Credits to Respective Owners

Runway makeup is always fascinating. Every season, Chanel creates wonders out of the classics. Like the bedazzled brows seen in Fall 2012 or the frosted blue shimmers on the eyelids in Spring 2016. It's always fun trying out runway makeup looks on ourselves because we get to be experimental in trying out new styles that suit us. We may not look like Chanel models, but that should not stop you from being bold with your makeup looks!

I was honoured to have the chance for an intimate makeup session with Elsa Durrens. I knew right away that I wanted to create a makeup tutorial with her showing you guys how to re-create the Cruise 2018/2019. Makeup on models and real women is very different. Our faces are all unique, some of us may not have sharp features and even symmetrical face stand that is perfectly okay! The most important thing is to have self-confidence and to be open with trying new styles.

Elsa is a freelance French makeup artist and manicurist who has been working very closely with CHANEL. She has worked extensively on Chanel's beauty campaigns alongside Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer Lucia Pica, and also backstage for Chanel fashion shows.

During the makeup session, she shared with me some of the beauty tips and tricks that can be translated from the runway to everyday makeup looks for Asian skin.

In creating the perfect winged-eye shadow, it is crucial to mark and outline the eyelid that you would be starting first. Starting from the angle of the eye, gently mark the lids and glide the eyeshadow stick back and forth for a consistent application. Moving on to the lips, Elsa started by applying a generous layer of LE LIFT Lip and Contour Care on my lips. What I love about it, is its hydrating properties, light-weight texture and the super-matte finish. I also had the chance to try out the new matte lipsticks from the Rouge Allure collection as well as the new cushion foundation Vitalumiere Glow during the makeup session.

I have rounded up the makeup steps in the video above for you to re-create the look as well! Enjoy!