Can Micellar Water Replace All Your Skincare Products?

Fad or Fact?

Micellar water is not something new. You might have heard of it or use it daily. It's one of the best-selling skin-care products that beauty gurus swear by. If you take a sneak peek into the beauty bags of models, celebrities and makeup artists, there's a good chance that you would also find a bottle of micellar water! Have you always wondered about the effectiveness of this mysterious water? What exactly does this do? If it looks and feels like water, how important is it? Let's find out!

What Is Micellar Water Anyway?

Well, you’re not wrong. It's water made up of micelles that are tiny balls of oil molecules in the water. These micelles would trap the impurities in the skin like sebum, pollution, oil and traces of makeup, making it an easy task to clean the face without stripping the skin of the natural oils it needs to stay hydrated and healthy. Unlike a typical cleanser, you don't have to rinse it off!

Is Micellar Great For All Situations?

Not exactly! Unlike a regular toner, you can't pat it on your face with hands! As it contains oily molecules, you'll have to spend some extra effort to apply it on with cotton pads. You can pretty much substitute most skin-care products with this. I am all about double cleansing at night, I would remove leftover makeup with micellar cleansing water after using makeup wipes and before using a foam cleanser. I have a bottle of micellar water in a mist bottle that I use before/after gymming.

Is Micellar Water Beneficial To The Skin?

Often marketed as the ideal product for those with sensitive skin, micellar cleansing water contains "high water content" and is gentle on the skin. Since it contains no alcohol and no fragrances, you can even use it safely around the eyes.

However, certain brands do produce micellar water that contain harmful chemicals. Chemicals such as Butylene Glycol (clogs pores) and Propylene Glycol (parched and dry skin) can cause undesirable effects on the face. That said, it works differently for every individual skin-type and condition.

Fact: Long popular in France, this seemingly ordinary "water" product is already a staple in makeup and skin-care routine of the French women, in replacement of tap water.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, yes- micellar water is multi-functional and the perfect connotation for everyone. But would I ditch my other skin-care products for this? Never! More is definitely more when it comes to taking care of your face.