Chanel: Colours In A Flash

It’s a game changer for the eyes.

Following its Cruise'19 collection, Chanel unveils its all-new eye collection that dares the adventurous to explore bold colours.

You saw it right! Black is not in the picture.

Always a classic, the Les 4 Ombres features four unique shades such as blurry green, blurry blue, blurry mauve and blurry grey. These highly intensive quad shades are well suited for everyday wear and can further accentuate your features especially with some mascara.

The collection also includes a corresponding assortment that can be layered over other shades. I really appreciate versatility with my makeup and wardrobe!

Products Listed

Stylo Yeux Waterproof long-lasting eyeliner in
black wood, jungle green, intense teal, eros

Les 4 ombres in blurry green & blurry grey

le volume révolution de chanel in
noir, deep eros, intense teal, volcan & jungle green