Beauty Picks: Our Hair Heroes

Do you know that your hair needs sun protection?

We all know the importance of sunscreen. We would lather a handful over our face, arms and legs before we head out. Don’t forget your lips! There’s still one area most neglected: the top of your head.


Just like the rest of our body, the skin on our scalp is most prone to sunburn. The harmful UV rays will cause our hair to become brittle and susceptible to UVA/UVB damage. Ought to say, we should treat it with the same degree of respect!

What should be done?

That said, the best way to keep your beautiful locks safe from any sunburn is a generous application of sunscreen to any exposed areas of the scalp For those with oily-prone or combination skin texture, it’s advisable to use a spray mist to prevent any clogging of pores. For normal skin texture you can use the highly raved Supergoop! Hair Scalp Powder.

Is there anything else?

Always hydrate and moisturize your hair and scalp. Especially in a country like Singapore, the harsh sun conditions here can cause a disastrous effect like fraying and even hair loss.

On a daily basis, I recommend using HERBIVORE BOTANICALS After Sun - Skin Soothing Aloe Mist to help reduce redness and soothe the scalp. For pool days, I would suggest that you go for DAVID MALLETT Blush Hydration Spray to neutralise the chlorine and enhance shine before locking it in with an after-sun mask from Sachajuan or Philip Kingsley.