REDS AND NUDES: The BEST Matte Lipsticks

There are so many reasons to love matte lipsticks. It doesn't budge; the colours are highly-pigmented, and it compliments every look. Best of all, it's a classic choice. This means you can NEVER go wrong with it!

That said, finding the perfect shade isn't an easy task!

There is never a shade that fits everyone; after all, every individual has a different skin tone and undertone. Similarly to how we determine our foundation shade, we first have to identify the surface colour of our skin tone- for example, fair, olive, medium, tan or dark. The different hues of our skin tone vary accordingly to the duration we spend outdoor, our climate and our diligence with sun protection. Besides that, we need to understand which undertone category did we fall under to choose the right shade.

One of the easiest ways to do so is to check the veins on your wrist. If they are blue or purple, you have a cool undertone; if they are green, you have a warm, yellowish undertone. Whereas if you can't seem to distinguish which exactly- you have a neutral undertone and will probably be able to pull off most colours. One general rule would always be to wear colours similar to your skin undertone. For those with a cool undertone, go for the red, rosy pink or purple hues; for those with a warm undertone, opt for coral pink or dark red instead.

Below, I’ve rounded up my favourite matte lipsticks in the most versatile shades: red and nude. These lipsticks are the only colours I wear!



Priced at SGD223



Priced at SGD223