The Luxury Vintage Edit with Vestiaire Collective


3. Contemporary Atheleisure

Featured Outfit: Chanel Night/Travel Mask S$399, Louis Vuitton Archlight Trainers S$1,433, Chanel Multicolour Synthetic Coat S$2,293, Dior Saddle Handbag S$1,990.

5. After Party Look

Featured Outfit: Dior Silk Jumpsuit S$635, Karl Lagerfeld Earrings S$205, Chanel Long Necklace S$1,242, Chanel Timeless Leather Handbag S$4,466.

All Credits to Respective Owners/Listings

All Credits to Respective Owners/Listings

It’s no secret that I love a good bargain, especially if they’re vintage designer items. With vintage designer pieces, it’s always thrilling hunting down specific archival pieces and knowing that you acquired something rare. It's also an alternative to over-consumption; it is environmentally sustainable and a much more affordable option if you’re looking for your first designer bag.

I was lucky to have found Vestiarie Collective. I'm sure that many of you are wondering about the authenticity of these pre-loved pieces. There's no need to worry as all items are authenticated and checked by the experts of Vestiarie Collective. If the quality of item you’ve purchased is not up to their standard, your order will be cancelled.

I’ve ordered a pink Dior Monogram hat and a signature Burberry printed bucket hat for fashion week. It arrived 3 days after the order was processed as the hats were from their ‘Ready to Ship’ section. The Burberry hat in particular arrived in an almost brand new state with, I got it at S$120 while the exact version from Burberry Fall 2018 retails for S$510.

Feel the thrill of a treasure hunt and search for sold out, limited editions, one-of-a-kind covetable items @vestiaireco. From now until 15 November, use the code SHOPVCWITHSAVINA to receive $50 off your first order with Vestiaire Collective!