Smart Shopping Made Easy


It's no secret that I love shopping online for everything and anything from luxury fashion, makeup, homeware, electronics and even groceries! Due to my hectic schedule, I rarely have the luxury of time to head down to malls to browse, I'm always browsing online stores through my phone while on-the-go. Online shopping to me is like my second nature — been doing so since I was 13 with the rapid rise of e-commerce and online retailing. The options are limitless, transactions made simple, delivery and returns made smooth and fuss-free. Having ran my own e-commerce label in the past and being an avid e-shopper, I've picked up some tips and tricks for cost-saving while getting the latest season fashion accessory and garments! 

1. Always be up to date with relevant global economics!

This may seem more complicated than it actually is but it is just taking advantage of fluctuations of currencies (USD, GBP and AUD) when there are changes to politics, weakening economy, sudden drop in currency etc. For an example, when the news of Brexit broke out, the weakened Great Britain Pound that weekend was at an all time low. Shopping on UK luxury sites and UK brands meant that it was significantly cheaper to purchase. When the Malaysian Ringgit was at a significant rate of 3.3, shopping on Malaysian sites were of such great value to Singaporeans. 

2. Make Use of Wishlists

Most e-commerce sites especially luxury ones have a great wishlist tool which helps you to add any item you are interested in. Immediately when the currency is ideal, you may immediately shop it right away without having to search for the item. When there is a specific item that goes on sale, an email notification gets sent to you and you may be the first to shop it in your size! 

3. Use Different Online Services/Cards from Banks to Save

I make use of tools like the DBS's Multi-Currency Account (MCA) which makes online shopping even more enjoyable when I can exchange foreign currencies of my choice when the rates are favourable.  With the DBS' MCA, you can buy your preferred foreign currency online 24/7 when rates are favourable and keep it for spendijng later! 

It's combining all my tips and tricks of saving when I shop online! You'd be the first to receive alerts on the rates you want on overseas e-commerce merchants that you frequent. 

Benefits of DBS's MCA
+ Buy and save currencies at your preferred rate, 24/7
+ Receive FX alerts on the rates you want
+ No conversion fees or extra charges – Avoid incurring foreign charges.
• Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) when transaction in foreign currencies are converted to SGD for payment without the MCA
• Double conversion fees when payment is made in foreign currencies without the MCA (e.g. Transact in pounds > bank converts it to USD > Converts to SGD)


Whole outfit bought online with DBS' MCA. Dress from Australia when AUD was 1:1 and earrings from a luxury site from the US. I paid in USD and AUD to avoid foreign currency transaction cost with no extra fees.

Whether shopping overseas or online, spend in foreign currencies to enjoy 5% cashback with your DBS Multi-Currency Account and DBS Visa Debit Card from 5 June to 31st August 2018!


Find out more about DBS MCA here!

This article is sponsored by DBS; all opinions are of my own.

Terms and conditions apply. SGD deposits are insured up to S$75k by SDIC.