It’s made in an artisan way, in the very best sense of that word, because in artisan there is “art”. The art of doing things well. An applied art. And that is truly wonderful.
— Karl Lagerfeld

The Métiers d'Art collection is presented during the Cruise season. Exclusively for Chanel, the Métiers d'Art collection is an exquisite collection curated to highlight the pristine craftsmanship of their artisans. Every season is reinterpreted by a different city. From the opulent tribute to China's culture and even the La Dolce Vita of Italian glamour. This year, Karl Lagerfeld is bringing his dream back to his roots. 

In the bustling port of Hamburg, Chanel took inspiration from the nautical lifestyle of Germans back in the sixties. Sailors, ships and anchors - elements surrounding the naval seem to play a pivotal role in the collection. Elbeseglers or sailor styled caps adorned with a black lace veil and hardware such as a broach were key elements. 

I've always loved pieces that are feminine with a touch of boyish ultiliarian elegance. This tuxedo look was one of my favourites. The smart double-breasted coat with the wide leg trousers was given a softer touch from its initiate masculine approach with slick back hair, sparkling jewellery and smokey eyes. It is a beautiful and stylish tribute to "song of the sea". Expectedly, this a style that reflects uniquely on the essence of Chanel.