5 Luxurious Sustainable Brands You'll Love


It's no secret that the fashion industry has been a contributing factor to the climate change. Fast fashion has become more prevalent, clothing are being produced on a much shorter timeframe to satisfy the consumer demands for the latest trends. Changes in the fashion industry need to happen, and it seems like there is progress.

A couple of years back, I remembered that many people would give me a mix of puzzled and confused looks whenever I shared about sustainability. There were too many misconceptions about sustainable fashion then. One of the most common misconceptions is that sustainable clothing is ugly, "not trendy" or just limited to organic cotton options. 

Today, sustainable fashion has been the talk of the town and has led to many luxury brands  following the lead. I've listed down some designer labels that have certainly broken the stereotype. 

To provide an alternative to synthetic athleisure wear, Vyayama is an innovative yoga wear brand that offers seamless integration into our athletic wardrobe. This innovation is vital because we perspire a lot during our workouts. Using an advanced viscose called Tencel®, the fabric is naturally breathable and hypoallergenic.  The printed tank top and leggings which I have selected from the Shadow collections is printed with non-toxic dyes. 

Outfit 1: Reflection Print Crop Top, Kalablak Shorts | Outfit 2: Kalablak Crop Top, Shadow Print Leggings | Outfit 3: Haze Print Tank 

Tome is a contemporary women's fashion brand based and made in New York. Well-known for their essential White Shirt, an exclusive style is launched every season in support of their philanthropic project for FREEDOM FOR ALL. Besides donating a portion of the profits to the foundation, the WSP is manufactured in eco cotton poplin by female first factories. Since then, Tome has been transitioning towards to become a socially and environmentally responsible business. 

As I am always on the go, I love dresses that can take me throughout a busy day. These two shirt dresses that I have picked are perfectly tailored and designed with an understated elegance. I would always wear mine with sneakers. No effort needed! 

Outfit 1: Chambray Mermaid Shirtdress | Outfit 2: Scarf Lapel Trench Coat | Outfit 3: Striped Shirtdress with Inserts |

Creating clean and super-feminine womenswear, Cienne is another sustainable brand that I adored. Being mindful of every step they take, they incorporate fabrics made of recycled fibres and work with various artisans to preserve the art of craftsmanship. The beauty and uniqueness of the natural flaw, is an interesting detail that I love.

Outfit 1: The Rio Dress | Outfit 2: The Adam Sweater, The Agnes Pant | Outfit 3: The Hudson Dress

Did you know that one of the most prominent designers in the fashion business, Stella McCartney is sustainable? From jackets to sneakers, the brand has designed products made from 100 percent recycled polyester. I love that they use only vegan leather. Surprisingly enough, their vegan leather loafers are one of my most comfortable flats. The vegan leather is of such great quality that I can't tell it apart from my leather shoes apart from the scent of leather. Aligning it to the upcoming Fall collection, I have picked out three ensembles that exude simple elegance. 

Outfit 1: Wool Turtleneck Sweater, Cotton-Corduroy Mini Skirt | Outfit 2: Double-breasted Houndstooth Wool-tweed Mini Dress | Outfit 3: Silk Trimmed Wool-twill Coat


Handmade in the tiny designer atelier, Kalmanovich is a womenswear label based in Moscow and New York City. Besides designing distinct and elegant clothing, the brand's made-to-order strategy allows fewer clothes to go to waste. Like they always say, "Sustainable and ethical fashion should not be considered a luxury, but a given." 

Outfit 1: One Shoulder Dress in Watermelon | Outfit 2: Wrap Crop Top in Black, Long Skirt in Black | Outfit 3: Crop Top Jumpsuit in Orange