HOW TO: Style A Silk Scarf

Image Credits to Respective Owners

Image Credits to Respective Owners

How do you usually style a scarf? Do you wear it or do you tie it? Commonly worn on necks or tied on bags, these simple but versatile piece is always fun to style! With Summer now in season, this micro trend can be seen almost everywhere. There is more ways to style this staple accessory like wearing it draped it over your head or replacing the choker look with a retro-styled bandana.

Still unsure? Here's how.


Granny Chic

Headscarf rules! This style has quietly made its comeback this season.

Simply fold the headscarf into half, tie the triangle into a double-knot at the center and tuck the ends of the fabric underneath and towards the nape of your neck.

With a few tweaks, this hair look can be worn everywhere from brunch to post-work drinks.

Fact: Did you know that each silk scarf from Hermès is a meticulous piece of art crafted by skilled artisan over 18-months?


The Hair Scarf

If you are an entry-level scarf wearer, I strongly recommend styling it on your hair. Besides the aforementioned headscarf, you can also wrap it around a low ponytail or wear it as a headband.

Place the hair scarf behind your head, criss-cross the scarf and tie it in double-knot. Repeat it once more before tucking the ends of the fabric in.

Over at Burberry, the hair scrunchie just got an update with the iconic TB monogram silk scarf. It’s easy to style and matches almost anything.


The Neckerchief

The trend of 2019: The Neckerchief. First of all, a neckerchief is both a scarf and a handkerchief. Despite sounding like an old-fashioned item, it's versatile and definitely a statement piece to spice up any basic ensemble.

Start wrapping the neckerchief at the front of your neck, then bring it to the back. You’d then wrap it back around the front again before knotting it twice.

Alexander mcqueen

The Classic Shawl

Classic pieces are always timeless! Instead of the usual cashmere scarf, opt for the silk scarf that is not only lightweight but also suitable for our climate. Drape it loosely over the shoulders for a laidback and casual look.


bottega veneta

The Bag Knot


Freshen up nearly forgotten bags with a silk scarf. Tie a silk scarf over the handles. Wear it like a bag charm. Take 3 skinny scarfs and braid it. There, you have a new bag detail!


The Accessory

For unique styling options, you can turn it into a bracelet by simply twisting it around the wrist. You can also tie it around a sunhat for a pop of colour.