Prada Launches Cloudbust Thunder Sneakers With Futuristic Detailing

A futuristic update to last season’s success

Since the debut of the iconic Cloudbust sneaker last season, it has no doubt become one of the cult favourites among those who favoured the Dad sneakers trend. This season, it's back now with a futuristic update.

Influenced by the original design, the all-new Cloudbust Thunder took on the previous silhouette but with a more complex form. Beyond the conventional chunky design, this pair introduces a chunky midsole, which also serves as a divider between the upper sole and the footbed, creating a 3D effect. Besides that, this new rendition also brings on a hybrid of refined sportswear and sci-fi elements. The coolest part? Form meets function as this feature various tech-forward materials and rubber panelling!


Available in six colourways, the all-new Cloudbuster Thunder retails at SGD1,460 at various Prada Boutiques and online.