April's Favourites

1. Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Gloss in 'Fuel' (here) 2. Ouai 'Anti-Frizz' Sheets (here). 3. Marc Jacobs ' Shameless'  Foundation (here) 4. La Mer Cool Gel Cream (here) 5. Hera x Edith Carron Eye Palette (Launching Apr 2018) 6. Chanel Lip Balm Powder Duo (Chanel Beauty Counters) 7. Louis Vuitton 'Le jour Se Leve' Parfum (LV Boutiques, read more here)

April's always the start of Spring in most countries where flowers are blooming, weather is just perfect and people are generally in a positive mood. These are my beauty pick's for this month including new product launches from my favourite brands!