Top Shelf: Bare Beauty Edit

My bathroom is my sanctuary, it's where I go to wind down after a hectic day. It's the most convenient spot to reflect and even meditate. My beauty regime each night the greatest 10 minutes of the day where I switch my mind off, pamper myself and also indulge in my favourite products. 

I love trying out the latest beauty products from fragrances, blushers, eye creams and many others. The question is, do we use every product on our shelf on a regular basis? The answer is no. Simplifying the essentials, I learnt to not overthink the skincare and body routine. Keep it simple, focusing on what benefits your skin best. You would probably ask, Which is the best product? Frankly, there is none. That's because everyone has a different skin type that is affected by our daily habits, lifestyle and environment. For example, I love applying the Everyday Oh My Bod! sunscreen every morning. It contains antioxidants and natural oil that keeps my face moistures throughout the day. It works perfectly for me, and I love it!

My go-to fragrances are Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Leve, Carven L'eau De and Replica Lazy Sunday Morning. Though I love the refreshing sweet scents, some days I would choose a scented shower gel or cream. The Chanel Body Gel and Lotion is an excellent replacement for lazy days. 

Simple does goes a long way. Instead of piling up with products, go for the bare minimum with your everyday favourites.