Everyone Is Loving These 5 Jewellery Brands on Instagram


They say that jewellery takes people's mind off your wrinkles. Whoever said that, is a genius. I never leave home without my jewellery, from multiple rings to stacked bracelets and even my chunky necklaces. When I was younger, I used to buy lots of costume jewellery from high fashion brands like Topshop and Zara. As I grew older, I saw the value in investing in silvers and demi-fine jewellery pieces as they are timeless pieces that last. No more tossing out of tarnished and rusty Zara earrings that made my ears itch and had a “one-time use only” wear. I started building my jewellery collection from then on and never looked back. Yes, they do cost, but the quality and craftsmanship of these pieces makes it worth.

When looking to build your jewellery collection, start from selecting pieces for everyday wear like dainty silvers or gold plated bracelets. Slowly, start looking for pieces with unique statement details or embellishments that can be worn for occasions like a wedding or birthday. Most of my jewellery are from contemporary brands in the demi-jewellery category that I’ve found through Instagram. Here’s sharing with you all, these new jewellery brands I’ve found that is on my wishlist!

Sophie Buhai.jpg

Sophie Buhai is not new in the market and have been a favourite with street style stars. Using only recycled metals, she restored the tradition of sterling silver with a contemporary twist that has an emphasis on sculptural silhouettes.

Playing with the concept of "time", she creates modern classic designs that transcend beyond style and trends. It eventually led her to create her signature everyday hoops. My favourite is the classic cowbell hoops that exude understated elegance.


Based in Singapore, State Property is a contemporary fine jewellery brand that has narrowed the gap between wearability and art. Drawing inspiration from architecture, the accessories are designed to be sleek and sculptural; the jewellery is subtle statement pieces for every occasion.

Take a look at their latest collection, my pick is the Gergoe Ring from the Substate collection.

State Property

State Property.jpg

Sophisticated and refined, Charlotte Chasnais designs orbit around the innovative and modernising form from the basics. Unlike most brands, the most exciting feature of the Paris-based jewellery brand is the way the jewellery is worn.

The slide sliver earrings are so unique and will be a conversation starter. The bold sculptural lines translate powerful femininity for the confident woman.

Charlotte Chesnais

Knobbly Studio is unlike your typical jewellery brand. It is an Irasel brand that replicates and corresponds the designs of a human form. Sounds interesting? It indeed is. As the designers create new designs, it takes into considerations the ergonomics that fits the physical movement or emotional needs of the wearer.

One of the latest addition to the collection is a small locket that represents the significance of time. The irregular pendant opens up to reveal a circular frame for a print. It will be a great gift for a sentimental occasion like birthdays or anniversaries.

Knobbly Studios

You would have probably heard about Monica Vinader from the Duchess of Cambridge herself through her royal engagements - the Vinader green onyx earrings and Riva diamond cluster earrings are just some famous pieces from the royal family. However, these luxurious pieces are accessible for everyone. Filling in the gap of luxury and fashion jewellery, the British-brand became the to-go brand for premium and contemporary pieces.

I selected the Riva Diamond Bracelet for its simplicity in design that can be suited for everyday wear. For a glamorous or fancier event look, don't hesitate to layer it with another bracelet for a sophisticated touch. I’ve been wearing my MV pieces everyday for the past 2 years and the quality is fantastic. Be sure to check out their signature bangles while you’re at it!

Monica Vinader