Sneak Peek into Chanel Cruise' 19


In his years with Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has incorporated various elements from Coco Mademoiselle into his collections. From that spectacular recreation of a street scene in Spring'15 to the precise replication of the famed Act Decorations stairs from her atelier, Lagerfeld has never disappointed us with his interpretation of her favourite things.

Looking back into her life, one of Mademoiselle Chanel favourite footwear would have to be a pair of Mary Janes. This was a style that she had worn significantly from her convent school days till her 30’s. Adding on its signature strap, a chic and adorable pair of Mary Jane has become a popular choice among the school girls. Besides that, I love that it is so versatile and comfortable. It also comes in white calfskin which you can style with white stockings for the full runway look. Besides the MJs, I love that the Chanel Vanity Case is back in nautical colours. One main highlight would also be the ombre flapbag which comes with an acrylic chain and adjustable canvas strap.

What else can we expect? Let's take a sneak peek!

Available in Chanel Boutiques only

Mary Jane | SGD 1,200

Coral Flap Bag | SGD 6,430