A Trip Back to the 90s with Aigner F/W'19

News alert: Retro is back, with Aigner’s current revival of 90s glam-grunge in our modern, contemporary era. For starters, note the nagging familiarity of the colour scheme. Strongly reminiscent of the 90s, Aigner Munich's creative director Christian Beck adopts a sobering, muted colour palette with mauve and burgundy accents as key colours in this collection. He then jazzes up key collection pieces by embellishing with metallic beading and sparkling sequins.

90s patterning also appears for a cameo this time round; overlaid on the aforementioned neutral colours, past fads such as tartan, colour blocking and logomania are a significant addition to this F/W'19 runway collection.

As a carry-over from the previous collection, knee boots make a strong appearance as zip boot variants this season.