Bali Destination | 4S Villas


A fantastic beach holiday starts off with a great place to stay. I am often particular about the cleanliness, provided amenities and service offered by my designated place of stay. While most villas in Bali offer similar facilities, I am indeed impressed with how clean and welcoming the villa is.


The 4S Villas is located within the heart of vibrant Seminyak - one of Bali's favoured district for its luxury boutiques, bars, beaches and cafes. This makes grabbing cabs or cafe hopping a much easier task. You can also witness the magical sunset at Seminyak Beach, which is only a two-minute walk away from the villa.

There are three amazing villas on the premise -  all with different designs and theme. Each villa consists of two bedrooms, an en-suite bathroom, garden area and a private pool. The villa that I stayed in, Villa Sun is designed with a dominated orange resembling the colour of the Sun. From a poolside bedroom to an en-suite bathroom, it is furnished beautifully and spacious. Coming back at night after dinner felt like coming home. 

What I also loved about the villa is that the rates include breakfast for each guest. As a firm believer of affordable luxury, this is the epitome! Besides that, it also provides customisation of breakfast preference - from American breakfast to an authentic Balinese style breakfast. While you might want to indulge in your sleep a little longer, the villa also allows you to customise your breakfast timing. I had mine scheduled at 08:30AM after a quick gym session. The services provided by this villa is definitely on par with other 5-star hotels (including turndown service)!


For those who might want to wander around the villa a little, here are some of my recommendations.

Cafe-hopping, check out: 

  • Sea Cirus
  • Sisterfields
  • Expat Coffee
  • Bikini Bali
  • Bossman
  • Motel Mexicola
  • La Cabina

Dinner Places, check out: 

  • Batik Bali
  • Ultimo's
  • Rumours 

All in all, my stay at the Villa Sun in 4S Villas was nothing short of comfortable and welcoming by the staff of the villa. I'll be doing a more comprehensive guide to Bali, that includes tips for visiting the different cafes and beaches, so be sure to stay tuned!