Bangkok Insta-City Guide 01

Amulet Market, Bangkok

Amulet Market, Bangkok

Bangkok is a bustling city with vibrant street life. From catching a tuk-tuk to taking the longtail boat, I love exploring the beautiful city in the vehicles the locals know best. 

Every city has its hidden gems, and Bangkok has no lack of it. Besides all the street food, there are great cafes with unique concepts and with food that speaks for itself. Don't head up to the usual cafe - amidst an alley will always lie a hidden cafe! On this trip, I set out on a quest to hunt down  hidden cafes that are "worthy of the gram". Also known as a shopping paradise, Bangkok offers a one-stop destination for international brands and independent labels. 

Everyday KMKM, Bangkok

Everyday KMKM, Bangkok


Insta-Worthy Cafes & Diners

  1. Eden's | Tucked away in the Old Town, Eden's a small vintage French-bakehouse filled with heavenly bakes, cakes and tarts. However, with only 15 seats, you might want to visit on a weekday afternoon to enjoy the quiet ambience. Tip: Go early before 11am to secure the best spot near the window. Must try; shortbread cookie, banana bread and dark beer cake.
  2. Everyday KMKM | If you are looking for a place to chill for the afternoon, you should visit the Everyday KMKM. The lifestyle cafe features interesting daily products and fragrances. Before you leave, don't forget to leave a note on the wall! Must try; iced almond milk
  3. Audrey's | One of the insta-worthy cafes around will have to be Audrey's. The cafe features edible flower pot that is just too delicious to be eaten! This cafe is also an excellent place for brunch and high-tea. 
  4. WWA x Chooseless | For anyone of you travelling to Bangkok soon, you will have to cater an afternoon out to WWA x Chooseless. It's a little out of the way, you might want to share a cab and travel in a group. I was initially doubtful of the food seeing that the interior of the cafe/store was extremely eccentric, the dishes literally blew my mind! Must try; spicy pork with sticky rice, breakfast pancakes, all salad dishes and dessert is highly recommended. 
  5. Nana Coffee Roasters | Nana Coffee Roasters is one of the gorgeous cafes you'll have to visit in town. What caught my eye first was its rustic charm and the strong coffee aroma. Perfect for afternoon tea. Their carrot cake decorated with fresh flowers is one of their best-sellers. 
  6. Sretsis Parlour | Bangkok is huge on innovative retail with F&B being a supporting elevation for a wholesome brand experience. Sretsis takes 70s glamour and the 'Wonderland' tea room to a new level with their Parlour that features unicorn lattes, beautiful cakes and delicate truffles. 
  7. Sri Trat Resturant | What makes this restaurant unique, is its unusual choice of Eastern Thai cuisine, as compared to the famous Northeastern and Southern dishes. I strongly recommend dinner here for its extensive variety of dishes. Must try; Sri Trat chili dip with fresh vegetables and soft shell crab stir fried noodles.
Eden's, Bangkok

Eden's, Bangkok


Hidden Unique Bars

    1. Ku Bar (Speakeasy Bar) | Located at the back of a dark alley, Ku Bar can only be spotted with a small signage. Mysterious isn't it? Well, don't let the first impression scare you away as this bar is filled with a monthly selection of unique creations. As it is a small bar, make sure to make a reservation before you head down. Must try; Pandan. - Ku Bar just made it to Asia's best 50 bars. 
    Wat Arun.jpg

    Authentic Landmark

    1. Wat Arun | Wat Arun is one of the most beautiful temples you can find. With intricate patterns and cultural sculptures - the view is utterly stunning! Make sure to visit the newly renovated landmark in the early morning to avoid the crowd. 

    Exclusive Shopping Destination

      1. Emquartier| For an eclectic mix of local and international designers, Emquartier will be your shopping paradise!  
      2. Siam Paragon| In the heart of Bangkok lies Siam Paragon housing the leading local and international brands. While you are there, take a walk at Thailand's largest aquarium. 
      3. Siam Square One | If you are searching for trendy or youthful clothes, this is the mall you'll have to visit. Many young designers are also making their way in, so keep a lookout for them!
      4. Thai labels I love, check out: 
        • Sretsis
        • Milin
        • Asava
        • Vickteerut
        • Disaya
        • Kloset
        • Janesuda