Let's Set Mindful Goals This Year & ACHIEVE THEM.

Credits:   Michael Driver

At the beginning of the year, we often set unrealistic goals which leads to disappointment. The mistake of setting the bar too high is a common and natural one. In fact, the consequences of failing to meet our goals are significant. Not achieving said goals result in negative emotions like disappointment and anger. It also makes you more likely to quit and the next time you try, there will be negative associations attached to that goal. With each failed year, it gets harder and harder.

There are two major reasons why we set unrealistic goals:

  1. Optimism (How: Be optimistic but also REALISTIC)

  2. Uncertainty (How: Unsure with your end goal looks like = no plan)

Goal Setting Is Long Term: Not Unrealistic Goals

Some of the biggest mistakes about setting goals are making plans in the short term. Bear in mind that goal setting should be about changing your lifestyle and getting rid of bad habits. Usually, unrealistic goals involve losing too much weight or drastic career changes like become a CEO with no prior experience. Goals like “I want to lose 5kg in 1 month” or “I’ll be my own boss this year” are probably not achievable. It took me 4.5 years to lose 10 kg with a combination of a changed lifestyle, multiple workout routines and proper sleeping habits.


Before you start, ask why?

Instead of pressurizing yourself, keep asking yourself why. Often, one of the easiest ways to get off track as we work towards a goal is when we do not know exactly what our intentions are. Why do you want to lose 5kg? Why do you want to become your own boss? Why do you need to stop smoking? I believe that if you cannot think properly, you will not speak properly and it will be an endless cycle of confusion. The answers to that should be able to motivate you through tough times when you feel like giving up.

Goal: Always give yourself time to justify your goals. Do not pressurize yourself as things may not always work out the way we want it to be.

If it does not, chances are, your intentions will not keep you motivated in the long run. InsteAad of striking off that goal right away, you can revisit that goal later.


Be accountable for your well-being'

I didn’t believe it then but I believe it more so as I grow older. You are responsible for yourself.

You are more than the negativity, doubts and bad things that have happened to you.

  • You are more than the bad things you have experienced or the mistakes you’ve made.

  • You are more than a depressed mood state or an anxious disposition.

  • You are more than your addictions

When you let go of all resentment, you are able to move forward in rebuilding a healthy self and to overcome personal boundaries to achieve your goals.


Conduct self-care

Goal: I will remind myself that it’s okay to say no sometimes!

Living in a populated Asian country, we tend to work more and harder to achieve significant results. That has been instilled into us since childhood- even prevalent from the media we are surrounded by. Even a simple search for a motivational quote will give you something like, ”Become a better version of yourself”. It's easy to get sucked into the “hustle hard environment”, but it’s important not to neglect yourself.

Becoming a better version of yourself is not making an effort to mask daily or to eat clean three times a week. It also means caring for your mental wellbeing and giving our bodies to rest a few days longer if needed. Your body always has a way of telling you to slow down.



Make SMART goals:

When writing down goals, make sure that they are

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Time-specific

It takes time to accomplish goals. Enjoy the journey and celebrate the small accomplishments. It’s important to focus on the PROGRESS and the PROCESS, not PERFECTION!